Rock Drilling Equipment

Our rock drilling equipment is mainly applied for tunneling construction in mine, water, power, highway, railway, national defense and municipal engineering projects.

Types of Rock Drilling Equipment
1. Double Boom Jumbo
This hydraulic rock drilling jumbo is equipped with anti-jamming device. It features fast rock drilling speed.
2. Single Boom Jumbo
With modular design, this equipment features small size, compact structure, high flexibility, stable performance and strong gradeability.
3. Underground Tunneling Drilling Jumbo
This equipment supports several rock drills to work at the same time.
4. Explosion-proof Jumbo
This rock drilling equipment adopts technology from France Montabert HC50/HC25 hydraulic rock drill. It can drill rocks of high hardness with fast drilling speed, low equipment abrasion and low breakdown rate.
5. Hydraulic Crawler Drilling Jumbo
Adopting explosion-proof design, our hydraulic crawler drilling jumbo is specially developed for working in coal mine.
6. Underground Jumbo Drill
It can be configured with hard alloy or PDC drill bit for rotary drilling. Besides, it can be equipped with large-diameter spiral drill rod and coring bit according to specific drilling requirements.
7. Deep Hole Drill Rig
This rock drilling equipment is mainly applied for exploration of water and gas. It can also be used to drill complex formations. It can complete rotary drilling when equipped with reaming drill and other drilling tools.