Mucking Loader

Mucking loader is a kind of full face tunneling machine for thin coal seam mining. It works continuously with high efficiency. This is the first excavation equipment in China for coal mining, hard rock mining (not coal), and large slope inclined roadway construction.

Features and Advantages
1. High-end mucking machine is configured with quick coupler to realize fast switch between bucket and quartering hammer within one minute. With quick coupler, the operating mechanism is suitable for tunneling rock strata with different hardness.
2. It is equipped with high pressure spraying device with explosion-proof and dedusting functions.
3. The chassis employs hydraulic motor-driven crawler walking mechanism, which features compact structure and high flexibility. This mucking loader is capable of working in large slope inclined shaft with water. It can complete whole section excavating and mucking operation without dead angle. Besides, mucking task can be finished without man power.
4. With respect to physical design, mucking machine has integrated functions of excavator, loader and bulldozer, so it can significantly improve working efficiency.
1) Our equipment is greatly improved in gradeability so its applicable working face is enlarged.
2) It can transport materials on large slope without sliding. In addition, it can also be used to convey fluid.
3) Our innovated machine also solves the problem of high oil temperature in the hydraulic system caused by long time operating. This improvement helps extend the service life of hydraulic components and enhance equipment reliability.
4) By integrating optical, mechanical, electric and hydraulic technologies, our mucking loaders have significantly improved performance in energy saving, safety, environment protection, efficiency and automation.

A. Preparations before Starting the Machine
1. Check the hose assembly of the on-site machine. Wrap with soft rubber all the parts that can touch the hardware of the machine, sharp points and parts constantly used and abraded avoid breaking the first layer of rubber and steel wire. Cover the top of the oil tank with tarpaulin to prevent water in.

B. Operating Methods
The operation is performed by: (1) 1 control knob, (2) 2 manual pilot valves, (3) 1 pedal pilot valve, and (4) a group of 4 joint valves in the driver chamber. The driver chamber’s layout and all the detailed operation motions are in the below picture.

Mucking Loader Note
1. Keep people and device clear of the working machine to prevent potential accident.
2. Hard materials larger than 250 mm should be cleaned where the machine runs.
3. The length of electrical cable should be moderate. Nearby personnel should be cleared out when reeling. No squeeze is allowed.

Mucking Loader Maintenance
1. The machine should be kept complete and clean all the time. Please pay special attentions to the tunnel with water leaked in. In this case, the oil tank should be covered with rubber plate or canvas to prevent rain or dirt during the maintenance.
2. Regularly check fasten the bolts and nuts. Replace the missing pin of the chain in no time.
3. Frequently check each hydraulic component and the joining position of pipes. Check if the high pressure hose is damaged. If it is seriously damaged, replace it immediately.