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Description of Shotcrete Machine
Concrete spraying machine (Shotcrete Machine) is widely applied in underground construction, geotechnical engineering, municipal engineering and other areas. By utilizing compressed air or other power, it transports proportionally mixed materials through pipeline and sprays them on certain surfaces at high speed. In recent years, wet concrete sprayer is extensively used because of its simple technique, unique effect and low costs.

Features of Shotcrete Machine
1. The productivity of dry concrete sprayer comes to 5 m³/h. But for our wet concrete sprayer, the productivity reaches 10 m³/h in manual operation and 20 m³/h in robot operation.
2. Adopting wet spraying technology, this concrete spraying machine generates little dust (dust concentration is lower than 20 mg/m³), and the rebound rate is no more than 15%.
3. The material discharge elbow is made of elastic material to prevent caking and blocking.
4. Our wet concrete sprayer is highly efficient. The spraying nozzle can discharge concrete evenly. The sprayed concrete is of high quality.
5. With wedge pin and flip hinge fastening structure, it is easy to assemble and disassemble.
6. The sweeping board can cover lining board completely, and it has good sweeping effect.
7. The quick-wear parts like lining board are durable.

Operation Order of Concrete Spraying Machine
1. Starting Method: supplying Air→starting the machine→feeding materials
2. Stopping Method: stop feeding material→stop the machine→stop supplying air

1. The spraying head of this shotcrete machine can not be ignored.
2. During concrete spraying process, the pressure should be around 0.03MPa. If the pressure rises sharply, please follow the stopping method.
3. When the pipe is blocked, please follow the stopping method.