ZWY-60/30L Crawler Mucking Loader

ZWY-60/30L mucking loader completes mucking task by crawler propulsion and scraper conveyor transportation.
This mucking equipment is suitable for thin seam coal mining. This is the first excavation equipment in China for coal mine, hard rock mining (not coal), and large slope inclined roadway construction.

1. Our mucking loader perfectly integrates technology of optical, mechanical, electric and hydraulic, so the machine has big improvement in aspects of energy saving, security, environment protection, efficiency, automation and other integrated performance.
2. It is equipped with high pressure spraying device, which has explosion-proof and dedusting functions.
3. This excavation equipment has integrated functions of excavator, loader and bulldozer for improved working efficiency.
4. Our equipment is greatly improved in gradeability to increase its applicable working face.

Parameter of ZWY-60/30L Mucking Loader
Item Unit Parameters
Loading Capability m3/h 60
Digging Width (Adjustable) mm 2300
Digging Height (Adjustable) mm 2100
Dumping Height (Adjustable) mm 1350
Dumping Distance (Adjustable) mm 1550
Digging Depth (Adjustable) mm 320
Outer/Inner Width of Crawler Belt (Adjustable) mm 1500/900
Scraper mm 1660
Speed of Scraper Chain m/s 0.2 to 0.7
Transport Form of Scraper Chain Single Chain
System Pressure MPa < 31.5
Working Oil Temperature < 80
Total Weight t < 7.0
Overall Dimension L mm 6030
W mm 1660
H mm 1900
Min. Ground Clearance mm 300
Gradeability ° < 30
Main Motor Power KW 30KW/380V (660/1140)
Track Gauge mm 600
Tunnel Dimension (W × H) m > 2.0 × 2.0
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