Loading, Excavating, Drilling and Bolting Machine

CMZY series loading, excavating, drilling and bolting machines have integrated mucking loader, single-armed (multi-armed) drill rig and conveyor, making them capable of drilling (including face drilling, blasting hole drilling, bolt hole drilling, long-hole drilling), as well as loading and conveying slags.

With characteristics of energy-saving, low noise, reliability and exceptional versatility, our rocking drilling machines have been developed for medium and small tunnel cross sections, hills with slope smaller than 22 °. These drill jumbos can also be used for tunnel excavation in non-coal mines, railway, hydropower projects, etc.

1. Keep the drill jumbo clean when running it, and keep daily and regular maintenance.
2. After using the drilling jumbo, check if the handles are flexible and reliable, the pressure gauge can precisely show the pressure, any oil leakage occurs, pipeline is well-connected. Fix the problem once it’s recognized.
3. Check the oil quality after running the drill jumbo three months. If it’s unqualified, please first discharge all the oil and clean the oil tank before refilling it with new oil.
4. Regularly check the joints, lubrication points, exposed screw and guide rail, and filling the shaft with lubricants.