Company History

Product Honor
We have always attached great importance to R&D. Through years of development, we’ve received 23 patents: 3 national patents for invention, and 20 for utility mining loader models.
1. In 2002, we took charge in designing TS14m3 mine shuttle car. It was put in use in the Wushaoling Tunnel of China Railway No.5 Engineering Group’s Lanwu Railway.
2. In 2003, we successfully made technical improvement to the German imported ITC—312(H4) mucking loader. It was put in use in Taohuapu No. 2 Tunnel of Xihe Railway, Gele Mountain Tunnel of Yuhuai Railway and Xiaochi Tunnel of Ganlong Railway.
3. In May 2004, we successfully developed a large scale S20A mine shuttle car, which was the first one in China. The development of this shuttle car has a revolutionary meaning in China’s single line tunneling history, as the market of large scale mine shuttle was simply blank before S20A was developed.
4. In June 2005, we managed to produce a large scale KZ16 curve track side dump wagon, which led the Chinese market and filled the gap of large scale side dump wagon in China.
5. In February 2007, we successfully manufactured a LS80 concrete transship spiral conveyor. This was the first time in China using spiral conveyor to transship concrete.
6. In April 2007, we managed to make ZWY-180/75L crawler mucking loader. This was the first mucking loader in China that could work in inclined shafts with gradient larger than 16°. It reduced the tunneling costs and made it possible and safe for high-concentrated gas tunnel excavation.
7. In July 2007, we launched NTZ8-1435 concrete mixing transport truck. It solved the problem of concrete transporting and provided fast concrete transportation in emergency salvage of railway projects.
8. In August 2008, we managed to manufacture a 180m3/h crawler mucking loader. This was the first highly-efficient tunnel boring machine in China. In October, this machine was honored by the National Development and Reform Commission as “a product that revitalizes the equipment manufacturing industry and promotes the growth of self-developed equipment”.
9. In June 2009, we developed the all-round drilling jumbo with Huazhong University of Science and Technology. This system helps to release the labor and improve efficiency through mechanization.
10. In August 2009, we successfully made the oil tank that maintains constant temperature (patent no.: 200820137422.3).
11. In 2010, the ZWY-180/78L coal mucking loader was honored as national and provincial prominent product, and it got financial support from the government.
12. In 2011, the construction of DZL312 crawler mucking loader completed, and this machine passed the examination of the city government.
13. In May 2012, we started the technology improvement project for the imported ZWY underground mucking loader. This project was also financially supported by the government.
14. In June 2012, our EW75PL mucking loader obtained invention patent. It also received a number of prizes from the government, including 2012 Shanghai Provincial Prominent New Product, National Prominent New Product, etc.
15. In 2012, our products were listed as Shanghai Province Top Ten Science and Technology Innovation Project of Shanghai Province, and Science and Technology Innovation Project of Shanghai Province.
16. In 2012, we joined the small and medium-sized enterprises innovation fund project of the National Science and Technology Department. We also participated in provincial research project and the city’s strategic new industry project.
17. In 2013, our R&D passed the review and became a provincial technical center.
18. In 2013, our coal mucking loader is honored as famous product of Shanghai province.
19. In 2013, we joined the specialized project of guiding and demonstrating proprietary technology for the emerging industry of Shanghai province.
20. In 2013, our application of FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) on mucking loader led 2013 Science and Technology Planning Project of Shanghai Province.
21. In 2013, we launched remote control and online monitoring mucking loader, and it was honored as a national high-end equipment by China International Engineering Consulting Corporation.
Company Honor
(1) In 2011, we were approved as a national high-tech enterprise.
(2) In 2013, we were honored as a famous brand of Shanghai province.
(3) We are a trustworthy company that is awarded by the Shanghai People’s Bank as a five-star credit enterprise. In 2011, we were honored as a company with AAA credit.
(4) We joined drafting and revising national standards for mine shuttle cars, rail wheel concrete conveyor trucks and coal mucking loaders.
(5) We were honored by the city government as a prominent enterprise.