Battery Locomotive

1. Our battery locomotive is used for mining and tunneling applications. It is explosion-proof, which ensures the safety of crews.
2. Battery-powered locomotive is applicable to methane mine tunnel and marsh gas tunnel for transporting coal, waste rock, equipment and people.
3. Three types of battery locomotives are available: regular locomotive, underground explosion-proof locomotive and locomotive for outdoor project.

1. Mechanical parts: chassis, traveling mechanism, braking mechanism, sand spraying mechanism, driver's chamber, etc.
2. Electrical parts: electronic speed control, bow collector, etc.

1. Large traction force, high speed, strong carrying capacity, and safe and reliable to operate.
2. Humanized design.
(1) Broad view of driver’s chamber.
(2) Enough space for assembly and disassembly.
3. Battery.
(1) High performance.
(2) Durable.
(3) Cheap operating fee.
(4) Recyclable and does no harm to environment.
4. Accessories with excellent performance.
(1) Indicator shows over-voltage and under-voltage automatically.
(2) Air damping.
(3) Electric braking.
(4) Mechanical braking.
5. No risk of explosion by spark, which is suitable for gas mine.
6. No need of setting line by using battery locomotive, which is especially suitable for tunnel mucking transportation and small-capacity transporting system with irregular tunnels.

Working Environment
1. Altitude above sea level of using battery locomotive: lower than 1200m.
2. Environment temperature: -20℃ to 40℃.
3. Humidity: maximum average relative humidity of the most humid month is 95%. (The mean minimum temperature of the month should not higher than 25℃.)
4. There is no gas or conductive dust in the air that may corrode metal and cause damage.

Working Principle
1. Direct current provided by battery goes into the electric motor by passing through the explosion-proof plug, control and resistance box to drive the electric motor.
2. By driving gear, the electric motor makes the wheel roll and the traction engine move forward.

1. Check the locomotive each shift, and solve any problem immediately.
2. Regular maintenance
(1) Check each week.
① Thorough check at least once.
② Check fasteners thoroughly.
③ Check electric parts and the electric system.
2. Minor maintenance monthly.
3. Medium maintenance every three months or half a year.

Speed Reducing System and Maintenance
1. Lubricating oil of the speed reducer box.
Check the volume each week and add oil according to the consumption amount.

2. Gear engagement
(1) If hear any abnormal sound when the battery locomotive is running, it indicates the gear mounting is loosen or the gear engagement clearance has changed or worn off.
(2) Severe wear-off may also be caused by lacking oil or could also be caused by oil lacking and impure oil.
(3) Maintenance: ① adjust the gear engagement clearance and contacting areas; (2) add oil; (3) replace gear and clean oil tank.

3. Check the wheel every month
(1) Regularly check the wear-off of the wheel
① When the wheel dent goes beyond 3 mm in depth and 5 mm in length, or has worn off more 5 mm, dismantle the wheel and polish it before using it again.
② Replace the tyre if the wear-off depth goes beyond 25 mm.
③ When repairing the wheel by turning, the diameter deviation of the two wheels of a battery locomotive should not larger than 2 mm.


Item Model
Net Weight (T) 5 8 8 8 12
Track Gauge (mm) 600/762/900 600 762/900 600/762/900 600/762/900
Traction (KN) 7.06 11.8 11.18 12.83 16.48
Speed (km/h) 7 6.2 7.5 7.8 8.7
Max. Traction (KN) 12.26 19.62 19.62 19.62 29.43
Norminal Voltage of Battery (V) 90 110 132 144 192
Battery Capacity (Ah) 330 370 370 440 560
Traction Motor Power × Number of Motor (kW) 7.5×2 11×2 11×2 15×2 22×2
Overall Length (mm) 2960 4430 4430 4470 4740
Overall Dimension (mm) 996 × 1105 × 243 1054 1354 1050/1212/1350 1600
Distance from Track Surface to Ceiling (mm) 1550 1550 1550 1600 1600
Traction (mm) 210/320 320/430 320/430 320/430 320/430
Axle Gauge (mm) 850 1100 1100 1150 1220
Wheel Gauge (mm) φ520 φ680 φ680 φ680 φ680
Min. Curve Radius (m) 6 7 7 7 7
Speed Control Method Resistance Resistance Resistance Resistance Resistance
Braking Method Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical, electric, air dumping
Note 1st level transmission 1st level transmission Battery in parallel, 2nd level transmission
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