ZWY-80/45L Crawler Mucking Loader

1. This crawler mucking machine is suitable for thin seam coal mining. In China, this is the first excavation equipment for underground coal and non-coal mining, water and power tunneling, national defense construction and other big slope inclined roadway construction projects. 2. It is also suitable for hard rock stratum exploiting. With unique mechanical structure design, Lanxiang crawler mucking loader has powerful bulldozing function. It can gather and transport the exploded rock slag quickly and safely.

1. High-end crawler mucking machine is configured with quick coupler, which realizes fast switch of bucket and quartering hammer within one minute. With quick coupler, the operating mechanism is suitable for tunneling rock strata with different hardness.
2. This mucking loader for underground mines is configured with high pressure spraying device, which has function of explosion proof and dedusting.
3. The operating mechanism pick material for loading, then the material is transshipped by scraper conveyor.
4. In the aspect of physical design, this crawler mucking machine integrates functions of excavator, loader and bulldozer, so it highly improves working efficiency.
5. Our innovated machine also solves high oil temperature of hydraulic system caused by long time operating. This improvement prolongs service life of hydraulic component as well as enhances equipment reliability.
6. It can be used together with hydraulic drill jumbo in order to improve efficiency.

Parameter of ZWY-80/45L Mucking Loader
Item ZWY-80/45L
Loading Capability (m³/h) ≥ 80
Weight (kg) 8500±500
Min. Turning Radius (m) 7
Track Gauge (mm) -
Ground Clearance (mm) ≥ 235
Digging Width (mm) ≥ 4000
Digging Height (mm) ≥ 2500
Dumping Distance (mm) ≥ 1550
Dumping Height (adjustable) (mm) ≥ 1800
Digging Depth (mm) ≥ 500
Dumping Reach (mm) ≥ 3000
Max. Bucket Digging Force (KN) 25
Climbing (°) -26~20
Speed of Scraper Chain (m/s) 0.7±0.05
Motor Power (kW) 45
Engine Power (kW) -
Cable Reel (cable/meter) -
Travelling Speed (m/s) 0.85±0.05
Working Pressure (MPa) 22
Average Ground Pressure of Crawler (MPa) ≤ 0.1
Dimensions (mm) L 12290±100
W 2900±50
H 3685±50
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