Single Boom Loading, Excavating, Drilling and Bolting Machine

CMZY1-150/25 series single boom loading, excavating, drilling and bolting machines have integrated mucking loader, single-armed drill rig and conveyor, making them capable of drilling (including face drilling, blasting hole drilling, bolt hole drilling, long-hole drilling), as well as loading and conveying slags.

With characteristics of energy-saving, low noise, reliability and exceptional versatility, our rocking drilling machines have been developed for medium and small tunnel cross sections, hills with slope smaller than 22 °. These drill jumbos can also be used for tunnel excavation in non-coal mines, railway, hydropower projects, etc.

Maximized versatility
CMZY1-150/25 series single boom drilling jumbos increase productivity through its genuine adaptability to different working sites. The modular design enables this drill jumbo to operate in tight tunnels with narrow corners (3m × 3m to 5m × 5m).

Improved efficiency
Patented quick-changing device helps fast switch between bucket and breaking hammer. This can effectively reduce the time of changing device, thus resulting in enhanced efficiency.

Enhanced operator comfort
Modern and ergonomic cabin design brings improved operator comfort. With noise levels under 125dB at all times, this single boom drilling jumbo supplies a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator.

Advanced drilling and boom control systems
Optimized performance with amplified drilling automation has resulted from the use of EPEC control system. This is a well-proven and intelligent drilling control system with two alternative control methods: manual drilling control and intelligent torque control. Electronic monitoring of the entire drill jumbo and precise display of the drilling angle bring enhanced and maximized performance.

Simplified structure and reduced labor cost
Integrated design of drilling machine and mucking loader has simplified the overall structure and improved the reliability of system.

Reduced labor cost
Integrated design of this single boom drilling jumbo allows reduced labor costs as fewer operator is required compared with separate design of drilling machine and mucking loader.

1. Keep the drill jumbo clean when running it, and keep daily and regular maintenance.
2. After using this single boom drilling jumbo, check if the handles are flexible and reliable, the pressure gauge can precisely show the pressure, any oil leakage occurs, pipeline is well-connected. Fix the problem once it’s recognized.
3. Check the oil quality after running the drill jumbo three months. If it’s unqualified, please first discharge all the oil and clean the oil tank before refilling it with new oil.
4. Regularly check the joints, lubrication points, exposed screw and guide rail, and filling the shaft with lubricants.

Technical Parameter

Item Unit Specification
Overall Performance Model CMZY1-150/25
No. of drilling boom 1
Tunnel cross section m2 ≥ 12
Working range (w × h) mm 3500 × 3500 to 5000 × 5000
Dimension (l × w × h) mm 8000 × 2200 × 2730
Min. turning radius mm 7000
Ground clearance mm ≥ 350
Loading capacity m3/h 150
Weight kg 19500
Type of loader Front loader
Hole diameter mm φ43
Hole depth mm 3150
Water pressure MPa 0.6 - 1.2
Drill tool Drill rod: B28, drill bit: φ43
Noise level dB Not higher than 125
Mucking Device Digging mm ≥ 4600
Digging mm ≥ 4500
Digging distance mm ≥ 2100
Dumping mm ≥ 1400
Digging depth mm ≥ 800
Bucket mm ≥ 4600
Conveyor Speed m/s 0.7
Belt mm 600
Type Single chain conveyor, 9HR
Drilling Device Type Impact rotary drilling device
Impact Mechanism Impact energy J 150
Impact frequency Hz ≥ 55
Working pressure MPa 12-15
Working capacity L/min 60
Accumulator precharge pressure MPa 3.5
Rotary Mechanism Rated torque Nm 320
Rated speed r/min 200
Working pressure MPa 14
Working capacity L/min 30
Water pressure MPa 0.6 - 1.2
Drilling hole diameter mm φ43
Drill tool specification B32 × 3700
Distance between center and edge mm 110
Dimensions (l × w × h) mm 702 × 200 × 192
Weight kg 71
Propeller Type Guide rail type
Propulsion mode Cylinder - steel wire rope
Overall length mm 3960
Stroke mm 3200
Thrust N 7000
Propelling speed mm/min 4000
Working Pressure MPa ≤ 15
Working Capacity L/min 15
Drilling Boom Type Double triangle boom
Telescopic stroke mm 1250
Angle of rotation ° ± 180
Horizontal angle ° Left: 50, right: 14
Vertical angle ° Elevation: 40, depression: 12.5
Working pressure MPa 16
Working capacity L/min 15
Travelling Mechanism Way of travelling Crawler
Driving mode Hydraulic motor, reduction gear
Travelling speed m/h 0 - 2.1km/h
Max. traction force KN 140
Gradeability ° 22
of crawler mm 400
Working pressure MPa 28
Working capacity L/min 90
Hydraulic Pump Working pressure MPa 32, 16
Working capacity L/min 215+15
Motor Rated power kW 55
Rated voltage V 660 / 140
Rated speed r/min 1480
Main oil pump Type Variable displacement pump
Rated pressure MPa 28
Displacement ml/r 145
Auxiliary oil pump Type Gear pump
Rated pressure MPa 16
Displacement ml/r 19
Fuel tank capacity L 300
Auxiliary device Water Supply Device Working pressure MPa 0.6 - 1.2
Working water flow L/min 60
Type of pump Multi-stage centrifugal pump
Rated pressure MPa 3
Rated water flow L/min 33
Air Supply Device Working pressure MPa 0.2 - 0.4
Working air flow m3/min 0.4
Type of Air Compressor DV2090
Rated pressure MPa 0.7
Air displacement ml/r 600
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