Double Boom Jumbo

Our hydraulic double boom jumbo is widely applied for construction of roadway, tunnel and culvert in mine, metallurgy, water, power, railway, highway and other projects. This drill jumbo can drill the working face, roof, side and floor of the roadway. It is usually used to drill blast holes, as well as bolt holes when mounted our patented propeller.

1. Configured with hydraulic-driven double boom drilling device, our double boom jumbo can reach drilling speed up to 2 m/min.
2. It can position and drill precisely.
3. The design of telescopic boom enlarges drilling area.
4. This equipment has characteristics of compact structure, low center of gravity, high flexibility, stable performance and strong gradeability.
5. Our double boom jumbo is configured with anti-jamming device to enhance its reliability and drilling speed.
6. This drill jumbo consumes less energy and causes lower noise when drilling, which greatly promotes construction efficiency and quality.
7. It is equipped with automatic cable drum, which can release and collect cables flexibly. This configuration helps to save labor costs and improve safety.
8. The double boom jumbo adopts France Montabert HC50/HC25 hydraulic rock drillthat features strong drilling power, fast drilling speed, low equipment abrasion, low breakdown rate, etc.
9. The spiral cylinder is from America Helac Corporation, and it features high torque, strong bearing capacity, no position offset, compact structure, durability, etc.

Model Unit CMJ2-17S CMJ2-17 CMJ2-30
Adaptive cross section 27 17 30
Hole depth mm 3000 3100 3100
boom 2
Hole diameter Mm Φ43 Φ43 Φ43
Min. turning radius mm 6900 6000 6500
Working range (w × h) mm 2800 × 2800-5700 × 5200 2000 × 2000-5000 × 4200 3000 × 3000-6000 × 5000
Stabilization mm 1980
Water pressure Mpa 0.8-1.2 0.8-1.2 0.8-1.2
Drill tool Mm Drill rod: B28, drill bit: Φ43 Drill rod: B28, drill bit: Φ43 Drill rod: B28, drill bit: Φ43
weight kg 13100 8600 9800
Dimension during transportation Mm 9750 × 1650 × 2370 9750 × 1650 × 2370 9750 × 1650 × 2370
(L × W × H)
We have both explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof double boom jumbo for your selection.

Maintenance of Double Boom Jumbo
A. Daily or frequently required maintenance
B. Periodical maintenance
C. Maintenance adjustment in particular case
Sometimes we need to adjust the maintenance period and frequency according to different conditions like temperature, humidity and workload, etc. to better protect the machine.
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