ZWY-60/30G WDZL-60 Rail Wheel Mucking Loader

1. Our mucking loader can be used as bulldozer.
2. We employ dual seal at the joint of traveling reduction box and axle, which ensures that no sediment can enter the machine.
3. Lanxiang mucking machine can dig hard rock stratum without explosion in advance.
4. The working mechanism is made up of high alloy steel, which improves wear resistance of this excavation machine.

1. This parameter table is only for your reference.
2. Dumping height can be customized to make the mucking loader suitable for different transport machines, like side dump wagon and shuttle mine car.
3. High-end rail wheel mucking machine is equipped with quick coupler quartering hammer.

Parameter of ZWY-60/30G WDZL-60 Mucking Loader
Item Unit Technical Parameter
Technical Capacity M3/h 60
Operating Mechanism (Loading Form) Backhoe digging
Power Mode Electrohydraulic
Main Pump Type Gear or plunger variable pump
Hydraulic Operation and Control Method Manual or pilot
Drive Mode of Scraper Conveyor Single drive
Track Gauge mm 600/762
Max. Mucking Width mm 2300
Max. Digging Width mm 2100
Max. Dumping Width mm 1340
Max. Digging Depth mm 260
Max. Digging Force of Scraper Bucket KN 41
Min. Turing Radius m 10
Traveling Speed km/h 0.3 to 0.9
Inner Width of Crawler Belt mm 450
Dumping Distance mm 1300
Speed of Scraper Chain m/s 0.2 to 0.7
Power of Motor kw 37 + 1.1
Max. System Pressure MPa 12/28
Working Oil Temperature ≤ 65/80
Overall Dimension L mm 5950
W mm 1370
H mm 1945
Total Weight KG 6950
Tunnel Dimension (W×H) m 2.0 × 2.0
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