Tire-type Single-boom Drill Jumbo

LX10 tire-type single-boom drill jumbo is used to excavate tunnels in mining, metallurgy, water and electricity, rail industry and other works. This tunneling drilling jumbo can be used for drilling on tunnel face, top face, side and base plates.

1. Small body and compact structure;
2. High stability and efficiency, and low noise;
3. Convenient and safe operation;
4. Less pollution and high flexibility;
5. This tunneling drilling jumbo can drill any position of working surface;
6. Accurate positioning;
7. Low cost.

Model Unit LX10
Hole depth (feed at once) mm 3300/3900
Hole diameter mm HC50 Φ43-76/HC109 Φ43-Φ102
Drill rod length mm 3700/4305
Voltage V 380
Capacity kW 62
Climbing ° 14
Diesel power kW 60
Min. turning radius mm 6000
Overall dimensions (L × W × H) mm 11050 × 1850 × 2340 (2940)
Overall weight kg 12500

Maintenance of Double Boom Jumbo
A. Daily or frequently required maintenance
B. Regular maintenance
C. Maintenance adjustment in particular case
Sometimes we need to adjust the maintenance period and frequency in accordance with different conditions like temperature, humidity and workload etc. to better protect the machine.
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