ZWY-100/45L WDZL-100 Crawler Mucking Loader

This crawler mucking loader is widely used in rock lane, half rock roadway, coal mine roadway and hydropower engineering projects. It is also suitable for thin seam coal mining. This is the first excavation equipment in China for coal mine, hard rock mining (not coal), and large slope inclined roadway construction.

With respect to physical design, this crawler mucking loader perfectly integrates the functions of excavator, loader and bulldozer. Hence, the motor rotation frequency of this excavator is decreased. It does not need to perform needless actions, such as moving back and forward, so as to save power. Since the innovated design of our equipment avoids a lot of idle work, it reduces actual working power by 27.8%. For example, ZWY 180 excavator (75 KW) possesses the equal loading capacity of other excavators whose power is 108 KW.

Parameter of ZWY-100/45L WDZL-100 Crawler Mucking Loader
Item Unit Technical Parameter
Max. Digging Width mm 3800
Max. Digging Height mm 2600
Max. Dumping Height mm 1800
Max. Dumping Distance mm 3100
Max. Digging Depth mm 540
Conveyor mm 600
Outer/Inner Width of Crawler Belt mm 1700/900
Width of Conveying Trough mm 1860
Speed of Scraper Chain m/s 0.2 to 0.7
Max. System Pressure Mpa 31.5
Working Oil Temperature ≤ 80
Total Weight t ≤ 11.2
Overall Dimension L mm 8200
W mm 1860
H mm 2450
Min. Grounding Clearance mm 320
Gradeability ° < 30
Main Motor Power kW 45kW/380V (660V)
Track Gauge mm 600
Tunnel Dimension (W × H) m 2.4 × 2.8

1.This parameter table is only for your reference.
2. Dumping height can be customized to make the mucking loader suitable for different transport machines, like side dump wagon and shuttle mine car.
3. High-end crawler mucking loader is configured with hybrid power (electricity and diesel) and quick coupler quartering hammer.
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