ZWY-312/90L Crawler Mucking Loader

ZWY-312/90L Crawler mucking loader is a high efficient full face excavation machine which can work for long hours. ZWY-312/90L Crawler mucking loader can finish the mucking task by crawler propulsion and scraper conveyor transportation. Configured with backhoe digging boom, this ZWY-312/90L crawler mucking loader crawler mucking machine can also be adopted to take distant soil sediment, remove danger in operation surface, dig gutter way, clean the road, etc.

As a professional crawler mucking loader manufacturer, our ZWY-312/90L crawler mucking loader is widely applied in rock drift, coal-rock drift, mine roadway and hydropower engineering. This mucking equipment is suitable for thin seam coal mining. In China, this is the first excavation equipment for coal mine, hard rock in non-coal mine, and big slope inclined roadway construction.

Product advantages
1. ZWY-312/90L crawler mucking loader is explosion resistant and can dedust as it is equipped with high-pressure spraying device.
2. The crawler mucking loader transfers rock into self unload bus or shuttle tramcar from rear. Meanwhile, it snatches at the far rock by the reverse excavation arm and clears working face by the bucket.
3. As it adopts the hydraulic drive by electric control, the configuration is compact, propulsion power is high and extension of snatching is wide. WDZL-312 crawler mucking loader can load rocks in a complete cross-section and remain no dead angle, which doesn’t need to clear the working face by man assistant. This model is designed for working in big slope lanes.

Item ZWY-312/90L
Loading Capability (m³/h) ≥ 312
Weight (kg) 36500±500
Min. Turning Radius (m) 10
Track Gauge (mm) -
Ground Clearance (mm) ≥ 320
Digging Width (mm) ≥ 8500
Digging Height (mm) ≥ 7000
Dumping Distance (mm) ≥ 2780
Dumping Height (adjustable) (mm) ≥ 4900
Digging Depth (mm) ≥ 950
Dumping Reach (mm) ≥ 5000
Max. Bucket Digging Force (KN) 72
Climbing (°) -30~25
Speed of Scraper Chain (m/s) 0.7±0.05
Motor Power (kW) 90
Engine Power (kW) 179
Cable Reel (cable/meter) 50
Travelling Speed (m/s) 1.1±0.05
Working Pressure (MPa) 35
Average Ground Pressure of Crawler (MPa) ≤ 0.1
Dimensions (mm) L 13000±100
W 3100±50
H 3850±50

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