Crawler Mucking Loader

Crawler mucking loader is a high-efficiency full face excavation machine that can work continuously. It completes mucking task by crawler propulsion and scraper conveyor transportation. Equipped with backhoe digging boom, this mucking machine can also be applied to take distant soil sediment, remove danger in operation surface, dig gutterway, clean the road, etc.

Crawler mucking loader is widely applied in rock drift, coal-rock drift, mine roadway and hydropower engineering. This mucking equipment is suitable for thin seam coal mining. This is the first excavation equipment in China for coal mining, hard rock mining (not coal), and large slope inclined roadway construction.

1. It is equipped with high pressure spraying device, which has explosion-proof and dedusting functions.
2. Our crawler mucking loader is greatly improved in gradeability to increase its applicable working face.
3. It can transport materials on large slope without sliding. In addition, it can also be used to convey fluid.
4. With respect to physical design, this mucking machine has perfectly integrated functions of excavator, loader and bulldozer for improved working efficiency.

Successful Case
Our crawler mucking loader was used by Laos Tunneling Case.
Tunnel cross section: 4.5 × 4.5 m
Gradient of inclined shaft: 25°
Equipment: 1 set of ZWY150 crawler mucking loader
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