Wheel Mucking Loader

Wheel mucking loader, also known as slag raking machine, is equipped with hydraulic robot and electric transmission mechanism for slag gathering and conveying. It is characterized by convenient shift, environmental protection, low noise and high power.

With compact structure and high reliability, wheel mucking loader is an ideal slagging and loading equipment for mines and small tunnels. It is mainly used for slag gathering and conveying in narrow space.

1. The equipment puts the scooped rocks on conveying belt through shovel bucket. The conveyor unloads rocks into dump truck, mine car or other transport devices (discharge height can be customized according to customer’s requirement). Wheel mucking loader can also be used to clean up the roadway.
2. It can complete excavating and mucking operation without dead angle. Besides, mucking task can be finished without man power.
3. This kind of slag raking machine is controlled by manually operated valve, which is simple, convenient and reliable.
4. With humanized design, the mucking machine can significantly reduce labor intensity.

Features of Wheel Mucking Loader
This wheel mucking machine is powered by 380V three phase AC motor and built-in diesel. It has functions of traveling, excavating and gathering, loading, unloading, etc. The traveling system is driven by hydraulic motor, which also controls functions of moving forward and backward, and braking.

Excavating and gathering is conducted by robot, which moves up, down, left and right to complete excavating, gathering, loading and unloading. During loading and unloading, the conveyor is lifted by two hydro-cylinders, and the hydro-cylinders are locked as pivot for loading and unloading.

Parameters of Wheel Mucking Loade
Product Model Narrow Model: ZWY 80/18T
Overall Weight Kg 3800
Loading Capacity m3/h 80
Driving Mode Electricity
Digging Width mm 2600
Digging Height mm 1900
Digging Distance (from Shovel Mouth) mm 1300
Digging Depth mm 430
Dumping Width mm 1200 (Variable)
Dumping Distance mm 1150 (Variable)
Traveling Speed m/s 1.03/0.58
Gradeability ° ≤ 15 (Hard surface)
Roadway Slope ° ≤ 8
Min. Turing Radius m ≤ 4
Belt Speed m/min 39
Max. Working Pressure Mpa 11
Ground Clearance mm ≤ 160
Total Power KW 18
Axle Distance mm 1490
Wheel Distance mm 1180
Max. Size of Adaptive Material (W × H) mm 400 × 300
Max. Rotation Angle of Upper Arm ° ± 30
Overall Dimension mm 6300
Overall Dimension under Working Condition mm 1500
mm 1600
Tunnel Dimensions (W × H) m ≥ 2 × 2
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