Road Header

This road header mainly consists of cutting mechanism, loading mechanism, conveying mechanism, main frame assembly, traveling mechanism, back support device, hydraulic system, water system, control mechanism and electric system.
1. Water System
2. Cutting Mechanism
3. Loading Mechanism
4. Hydraulic System
5. Main Frame
6. Traveling Mechanism
7. Control Mechanism
8. Electric System
9. Conveying Mechanism

Application of Roadheader Machine
Road header is mainly applied in coal road, half coal road, soft rock road and tunnel (with hardness f≤4) drivage. It can complete cutting, loading and conveying operation continuously. The maximum cutting height is 3.1m. Maximum cutting width is 3.5m. Maximum effective sectional area is 11m2. It can work on road with gradient ranging from -16° to 16°.
Types: 1. general road header; 2. rock road header; 3. coal road header; 4. tunnel road header.

Working Principle of Road Header
The hydraulic pump is driven by motor and produces high pressure oil. The high pressure oil drives cutting head to cut coal. The crawler traveling track is driven by hydraulic motor. In operation, the machine is supported by shovel board oil cylinder and back support oil cylinder. The cut coal is loaded by star wheel and transported by scraper conveyor. In the whole operation process, the pump drives hydraulic actuators.

Working Path of Road Header
Technical Note
Our road header mainly consists of hydraulic system and spray cooling system. For detailed information, please read:
1. Please employ a full-time driver with qualifications. Irrelevant personnel shall not start the machine.
2. The cutting head should be in spinning status when tunneling.
3. Don't start the cutting motor if the cutting head is already in the coal or rock. Under this circumstance, we need first move the cutting head out and then start it.

Maintenance of Road Header
1. Turn off the power when carrying out maintenance.
2. Implement the daily maintenance content strictly as per the daily inspection content.
3. Regularly clean the soil that is easy to get clumped.