Roadheader Notes

1. Employ a qualified full-time driver to drive the machine. Person except the driver is prohibited from starting the machine arbitrarily.
2. The cutting head should be in a spinning status when tunneling.
3. Don’t start the cutting head with objects bond, and don’t start the cutting motor if the cutting head is already in the coal or rock. In the latter case, we need to retreat it first before start it.
4. Keep cooling system on when the cutting head is working.
5. The backside support part should be retracted to its limit and the front shovel should be raised up when the machine is moving forward, backward or turning around. By doing this, we can control the range of the movement to prevent it from touching the transshipment machine.
6. For huge coals and rocks, we need to take a proper way to make it small in size before loading. If a huge coal or rock blocks the entrance, then manual smash will be required. (Read More)
7. Stop the machine immediately if aware of any abnormal sound. Only after the reason is found and the problem is solved can the machine be started again.
8. Don't randomly adjust the height of the hydraulic system, and if necessary, professionals are required.
9. Clean the container during the oil filling process. Avoid oil pollution as it may get the components damaged.
10. If the oil tank temperature is beyond 80℃, stop the machine for cooling. Restart the machine after the temperature is normal.
11. Stop and check the machine immediately if the pressure value of the hydraulic system fluctuates sharply, the overflow valve opens repeatedly, the system noise emerges and the heat is abnormal.
12. If the system gets hot on account of long-time overflow, release the operating stick immediately if the oil cylinder reaches the end.
13. Stop the machine immediately if it gets jammed during the cutting process.
14. Don't start the machine under the following circumstances:
(1) The tunnel is out of water and the cooling system is out of work..
(2) The oil level is below the range of the indicator.
(3) The bucket teeth gets damaged more than five times.
(4) The fasten bolt gets loosened.
(5) Electric latching and anti-explosion devices are damaged.