Mucking Loader Manual

Mucking Loader Technical Description
A. Bucket Operating Mechanism (patent no. 200920003414.4)
1. The operating mechanism. It is designed jointly by Lanxiang Heavy Industry and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. It can serve for five years (10000 hours). Though finite element analysis we get a big step forward compared with the original one. We adopt the Germany 312 operating mechanism and put the oil cylinder in a different position which helps strengthen the excavating power. Please check the pictures to see the difference.
Germany 312 operating mechanism (Read More)
Mucking Loader Operation Description
A. Preparations before starting the machine
1. Check the hose assembly of on-site loader. All the parts that contact the machine, sharp parts, and components that are constantly used and easy to get abraded should be wrapped with soft rubber to avoid the damage and abrasion. The top of the oil tank should be covered with tarpaulin to prevent water in. (Read More)
Mucking Loader Maintenance
1. The mucking loader should be always kept complete and clean. Pay special attention to the tunnel to prevent water leak in by covering it with a rubber plate or canvas.
2. Bolts and nuts should be frequently checked and fastened. The missing pin of the chain should be added immediately.
3. Frequently check each hydraulic component and the joints of pipes. Check if the high pressure hose is damaged, and immediately replace it if it’s seriously damaged. (Read More)
Mucking Loader Operation Notes
1. Keep personnel and device away from the working haggloader to prevent potential accident.
2. Clean hard materials larger than 250mm where the haggloader moves.
3. The length of electric cable should be decided as per specific needs. Keep personnel away when reeling the cable to prevent stumble. No squeeze is allowed.
4. The haggloader should be kept 50 meters away from the explosion position.
5. Park the haggloader with the bucket and the small arm gently touching the stop block. (Read More)