Mine Shuttle Car Notes

1. Working conditions
(1) The height above sea level is lower than 1000m.
(2) The surrounding temperature should not be higher than 35℃.
(3) The relative temperature of air is lower than 25℃.
(4) No corrosive gas, steam or dust that may cause damage exists in the surrounding medium.

2. The ground lead core of rubber cable
(1) The ground lead core of rubber cable should be connected with the ground lead of explosion-proof pin by terminal.
(2) Other usage of the ground lead of rubber cable is prohibited.

3. All the device that needs to be grounded, including the track and cables’ lead core, should be grounded.
4. The pin has four pairs of core wires, three are main electrical power cores and one is ground lead. Don’t just connect the main power without grounding the ground lead.
5. Cover the pin assembly with safety cap after unplug.
6. When using the pin, connect the pin with the outlet of the magnetic starter and the pin base with the electrical motor outlet. Wrong connections are prohibited.
7. The electrical appliance’s maps and elements of SD-25/6B, SD-25/9B, SD-30/6B, SD-30/9B, SD-35/6B, SDB35/9B and SD-20/Bare are the same. The only difference is that the electric motor of SD-30/6B, SD-30/9B, SD-35/6B and SD-35/9B are 30kW.