Mucking Loader Technical Description

Mucking Loader Technical Description

A. Bucket Operating Mechanism (patent no.: 200920003414.4)

1. The operating system. It is designed jointly by Lanxiang Heavy Industry and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. It can serve for five years (10000 hours). Through finite element analysis we get a big step forward compared with the original one. We adopt the Germany 312 operating mechanism and put the oil cylinder in a different position which helps strengthen the excavating force.

Germany 312 operating mechanism

Lanxiang operating mechanism

1.1 For traditional operating mechanism, the sealing ring amid the inner face of the cylinder barrel and the piston rod holds the stress. The cylinder draws back and the piston rod extends with the help of thrust. The sealing ring loading stress is smaller.

1.2 For new-style operating mechanism produced by us, the whole inner surface of cylinder holds the stress and pushes the piston rod outside.

Under the same system pressure, the power of the new operating mechanism is 1.66 times stronger than the conventional one.

1.3 Lianxiang mucking loader adopts 312 operating mechanism with 31.5MPa variable displacement pump. Previously-used gear pump is equipped with constant displacement pump, whose system pressure is as low as 12MPa. (Check the following picture 1)

2. All the high-pressure oil pipes are covered to protect it from exploding in the blasting tunnel. (Check the 2nd picture above)

3. The active parts like shaft use imported anti-dust sealing ring to better protect the machine and extend its service life. (Check the 3rd picture above)

4. All the main parts of the operating mechanism are made of high alloy steel.
(1) High alloy steel can enhance the tensile and anti-abrasive property of the parts and extend their service life.
(2) It helps lighten the weight and reduce the pressure.

5. Welding process
We use CO2 gas shield welding method to prevent the deformation and cracking of the working piece.

6. Arm
Our mucking loader arm can drill the rock stratum two floors below directly with no need of explosives.

7. The special working arm design (patent no.: 200920141618.4) can overcome troublesome situation by:
(1) Making the working arm touch the land.
(2) Letting the small arm support itself to lift the crawler up.
(3) Moving the bucket up for proper position.

B. Traveling Mechanism (patent no.: ZL200720177135.0)
1. Our mucking machine is equipped with arch-bridge traveling mechanism (patented) and dual-drive hydraulic motor system.
2. Self-protective motor. If the required climbing force surpasses its limits, it will stop working automatically until the conditions are met.
3. Double braking system
(1) Braking system of the speed reducer.
(2) Braking system of the hydraulic motor.
4. Double sealing between the speed reducer and the axle.
5. Multi-functional.
This mucking loader can be used as a bulldozer.

C. Hydraulic System (patent no.: 200820137421.9)
1. Main bump
Japan K3V, South Korea T5V or Rexroth variable displacement piston pump.
2. Radiator
(1) The common motor for radiation is four-pole motor. We use two-pole motor to fit with the radiator’s blade. The rotating speed and blast capacity of our radiator is enhanced almost twice.
(2) Rational layout of oil pipeline, especially the right mounting position of the overflow valve, makes the heating source controlled.
3. Filtering devices
(1) Oil inlet filter
(2) Oil absorption filter
(3) Oil return filter
(4) High pressure filter
4. Simple to operate
(1) It’s easy to drive. User can control the whole machine with only two operating sticks.
(2) It’s easy to repair.

D. Special Design of Hydraulic Oil Tank (patent no.: 200820137422.3)
1. Air drying and filtering devices are added. Water in the hydraulic oil tank caused by oil filling or other reasons will be completely absorbed by the air dryer, prevent the oil and water from emulsifying.
2. Magnetic filter is mounted to prevent the iron dust from flowing into the valve, bump and other parts.

E. Maintenance
Our mucking loader is quite convenient to maintain. Anywhere that serves mucking loaders will offer wear parts. This brings great ease of maintenance.

F. Case
① ZWY-150/58L crawler mucking loader is used in coal mine construction site of Guizhou Feitian.